Sam Abrahams

I’m a software engineer with Python, Java and JavaScript being my languages of choice. I specialize in machine learning, especially deep learning, and I’m a frequent user of/contributor to TensorFlow. Over there on the side is my face!


TensorFlow for Machine Intelligence

  • A book designed for newcomers to TensorFlow and machine learning. It begins by going over the fundamentals of TensorFlow before introducing basic machine learning concepts, after which CNNs and RNNs are discussed and implemented in detail
  • Available from Amazon and Bleeding Edge Press
  • Published by Bleeding Edge Press
  • Co-authored with Danijar Hafner, Erik Erwitt, and Ariel Scarpinelli
  • 1st Ed. published July 22, 2016

TensorFlow White Paper Notes

Getting Started with TensorFlow: an API Primer

Picking up TensorFlow can now pay dividends sooner



  • Spaces
  • TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi
  • AnchorHub


University of Richmond, 2014
B.S. Mathematical Economics