I like getting things done. Recent endeavors tend toward the software engineering space, spiced with real time, safety critical requirements and a large variety of applied machine learning theory. In the past I have worked in animation, television/film, and continuing education for adults.

Currently, I am a software engineer and technical lead on Prediction at Cruise, where I help blaze the path toward fully autonomous vehicles along with my brilliant colleagues.

My opinions are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or any previous employers.

Previous work

Repo: TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi

I ended up being the person who put together the final puzzle pieces to compile TensorFlow for the Raspberry Pi back in 2016. While TensorFlow has officially supported binaries for Raspbian these days, at the time I was personally putting out unofficial releases for people to download. Bazel’s cross-compiling capabilities were a nightmare to figure out, which meant that compiling TensorFlow from scratch on a Raspberry Pi was the best way to handle it. The main problem is that it took over eight hours to compile! And you needed to install a USB drive as swap space.

Hopefully you won’t blame me when I say that I’m probably happier now that I don’t have to manage this. That said, I do get some nostalgia for that time, and I still have colleagues and contacts that come up to me who find my repository when they start experimenting with machine learning on their RPi.

I cannot take all (or even most) of the credit for this effort. This links to the credits from the original README which recounts the history of how we cracked that nut..

Book: TensorFlow for Machine Intelligence

I co-authored a book on TensorFlow with three others in 2016. The book, overall, didn’t reach the heights of some of the competition, but I think our introductory materials to TensorFlow were really quite good. Learning how to push through writers block is an exercise I think more people should commit to.

It’s unfortunately a bit dated at this point, but we still have code for the exercises in the book available on GitHub.

Animation/film: Illumination

Prior to getting involved in the TensorFlow community, I was a freelance artist for Illumination, primarily focusing on 2D animation for digital media and animatics.